e-Archives, also known as electronic archives, refer to the digital storage and preservation of journal articles and other publications. They serve as online repositories of past content, providing convenient access to a journal's historical collection of articles.

e-Archives offer several advantages over traditional print archives. They provide a searchable and easily accessible platform where users can browse, retrieve, and download articles from past issues. These archives are typically hosted on the journal's website or on specialized digital platforms.

By digitizing and storing articles in electronic format, e-Archives ensure the long-term preservation and availability of scholarly content. They eliminate physical space limitations and allow for the inclusion of supplementary materials such as datasets, multimedia files, and interactive features.

e-Archives facilitate efficient research and reference capabilities, enabling scholars to access and cite earlier works conveniently. They contribute to the dissemination of knowledge by making scholarly publications widely accessible, promoting collaboration, and fostering the advancement of research in various disciplines.

Overall, e-Archives play a crucial role in preserving the intellectual output of the scholarly community and facilitating the dissemination and discovery of knowledge in the digital age.